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19 April, 2015

Aam Panna|Mango Cooler

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Summer is here again with lots of hotness and yes mangoes and seriously, nobody wants to miss Aam Panna for sure. This Desi summer cooler, is a blessing in 40 -42° C of temperature. It keeps your body hydrated and protects you from hot and dry summer afternoon winds. The ingredients used in Aam Panna helps in digestion, it quenches thirst and prevents the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron due to excessive sweating in summer. Though it is usually prepared by grand mum in the family, but why not you surprise her this time by preparing this yummy Aam Panna.  


It is prepared from Raw form of mango which is kacchi kairi, some prefer to use a slightly ripen mango due to little sugar content in it which gets caramelized while cooking, if you have a sore throat, then you can use green mangoes which are bigger in size, a little tender and have both tangy and sweet nectar. Though the basic nature of mangoes is hot and it does not suit some people, so for that the one thing which you can do is soak the mangoes either raw or ripe in water overnight. It cool down the side effects and could be used in any form without any tension of getting pimples on your face. 😉

Ok, now how to make it, some people boil the raw mangoes and some roast them on choolhas (if they have) which incorporates a smoky flavor. I prepare it by roasting them on gas stove which somehow gives the similar smoky flavor and trust me, it beats the taste you get from boiled ones. This recipe gives you the concentrated squash, which you can store in your refrigerator and can serve anytime.

Now lets go shopping and buy kachi kairiiiii 😛

Preparation Time- 15 minutes

Cooking Time- 15 minutes

Makes- 1 liter of Concentrated Squash

Shopping List:

Raw Mangoes- 5 No., medium size/ 2 NO. if using big mangoes

Ice cubes- 10-12

Cumin Powder(Jeera Powder)– 4 Tablespoons

Black Salt- 2 Tablespoons or to taste

Sugar- 4 Tablespoons or more (depends on the tanginess and sweet content in mango) You can also replace sugar with jaggery (gud)

Black Pepper Powder- 1 Teaspoon

Carom Seeds Roasted and coarsely ground(Optional) – 1/4 Teaspoon



1. Roast raw mangoes on an open flame just like you roast brinjals for bharta. Keep flipping the mango. Roast till they turn soft from inside and the outer skin turns dark brown or black. Once they are roasted, transfer them into the bowl of water. It will help you to peel off the skin easily.

2. Peel off the skin and take out the pulp separating the seed. Grind with Sugar in a blender to make a smooth puree, it will let the sugar mix with the pulp completely and will give you a nice textured puree for the squash. It will also balance the tanginess of raw mangoes. You can also replace sugar with jaggery.

3. Take ice cubes in a bowl, add this pulp, add cumin powder, black salt and carom seeds powder, 1 cup water, check sugar and adjust spices according to your taste. It should be thick in consistency like any squash or concentrated form of sharbat.

4. Fill it in the bottle and refrigerate.

Serving Suggestions-


1. Take the serving glass, Add ice cubes.

2. Fill 1/4th of glass or more with panna, Add chilled water, garnish with mint leaves.

3. Keep calm and Drink Aam Panna as much as you like. 🙂

4. Freeze them in kulfi moulds to make candies for kids.

Happy Summers hopefully..!!

Try some more mango delights from The Tasty Room like Aam ki Launji and Mango Salad this summer and read the benefits of mango too in the factual corner after the recipes.

How To Keep Yourself Cool and Healthy in Summers-

I’ve mentioned the health benefits of raw mango, black salt and cumin powder in my previous posts, so in this factual corner, I’ll tell you how to keep yourself cool in summers. Here are some tips-

1. Drink, Drink and Drink!! – I mean to say, keep yourself hydrated !! Drink about 3-4 liters of water everyday. Keep your 1 liter of water bottle with you, which will help you to record your water intake. Along with water, drink fresh sugar cane juice, watermelon juice or mixed fruit juice or whatever you like. When I say about juice, it means fresh juice and not the tetra packed ones. It will keep you hydrated preventing you from sun strokes and excessive sweating. This kairi panna is worth of it. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, it leads to the dehydration. If you cannot manage to have a kitchen garden, you can plant mint leaves in a small pot, so you could get a fresh glass of mojito whenever you come tired from the office to cool yourself.

2. Concentrate on Fresh..!! – As I’ve mentioned in the first point that take fresh juice, this point also goes with fresh veggies and fruits also. Avoid eating stale cooked food  whether you are storing it in the refrigerator. Cook fresh and eat fresh. Include vegetables like cucumber and fruits like watermelon and melon in your salads which have higher water content. Avoid red meat and try to have light meals.

3. Avoid Outdoor Activities..!! – If you have a marketing job, then nobody could help, just keep yourself hydrated, if using a bike, cover your face to avoid dry and hot winds and UV rays. Use sunscreen lotion. Tomatoes are the best option to remove the sun tan. Rub them on the affected area. Do not drink chilled water and cold squash just as you come from a sunny afternoon. Wait for a few minutes and then have it.

4. Breath and stay close to nature..!! – Take deep and slow breaths, frequently, when your body temperature rises. Go for a walk in the evening in a park or near a lake. If you have a garden or plants, water them, they will also feel your presence and time you took from your busy schedule LOL..!!

5. Wear Cool..!! – Try to wear cotton clothes and light colors. It will soothe your body plus many eyes.. 😛

6- Balance Hot and Cold..!! – This is the season in which the climate changes and fluctuates. At one point, you drink chilled water, eat ice creams and on the other hand, the climate suddenly changes with the drizzle of rain which causes viral and cold. So try to balance your food intake of hot and cold. Never drink chilled water after travelling in a hot summer afternoon. Just maintain the temperature of your food intake afterall it is your body.

Hope this will help you in summers. If you have more suggestions then leave comments.


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