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17 July, 2015

I can smell something Fishy- The Himalayan Trout Fish

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My Manali journey continued and every turn in the hills unfolds the rich culture and heritage of this beautiful city. So much was left to explore in such a less time, obviously when you are on a holiday away from all the tensions, the time runs faster.

On my way back from Jana Falls, I came across one alluring fish farm near Naggar. If you are a hardcore fish lover, you must have heard about and tasted the Himalayan Trout fish. Yes, this farm was all about The Himalayan trout fish.  Many restaurants in Manali or en route to Manali when coming from Naggar have trout on their menu. But here you will get a different experience. This fish is found in the rivers which have almost highest freezing point mainly, Beas, Ravi and Sutlej. If you are touring in Himachal Pradesh then you may come across over 100 farms mainly in Kullu, Chamba, Shimla, Kinnaur, and Mandi districts and these are equally gaining popularity among the tourists. These farms are artificial breeding centers of trout fish.


This particular farm has restaurants with indoor and outdoor settings and the whole set up near a speedy flowing river frothing to the extreme. So the ambience is attractive, nice and cool. Sometimes you get a drizzle of that chilled water while eating trout. They have small pools with lots of trout, as per the order, they take out the fish and cook it for you in a couple of minutes.


Their menu card is loaded with hero trout. The basic thing which you can have is Trout fish fry with simple chutney, or with garlic sauce and chips, with mint sauce, and then it continues with different variations. In main course you can have trout fish curry with rice, trout cooked in mustard sauce and many more.

shrikhand Basic_trout_fry

Though I am not a seafood lover, but I do not want to miss this experience being a food blogger, so I didn’t order the much variety, just wanted to taste the fish. The fish was really juicy, fresh, not marinated for the longest time in lots of spices. The marination was simple which I like because you can take the real taste of trout rather than tasting the heavy marinade. The crust was crispy and the flesh was soft.

After tasting this treasure of Himalaya, I would only say that please do not make your taste buds regret for not tasting this healthy yet yummy Trout. Along with its mesmerizing taste, this fish is healthy too, for your body:

  • It is low in fat, calories and Cholesterol
  • It is tender and easy to digest
  • Rich in protein, potassium, essential amino acids and other nutrients
  • Moderate amount of Sodium and Chloride
  • It has no hormones and no antibiotics
  • It reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and depression
  • High in OMEGA-3 essential fatty acid
  • It has the lowest amount of mercury¬† and¬†polychlorinated biphenyls when compared to other fishes. Farmed rainbow trout contains less than 11 parts per billion of PCBs and less than 216 parts per billion of mercury in each serving, making it safe for children and pregnant or nursing women consume two times a week.

So If next time you are planning your trip to Manali, then do visit this Fish farm to have Trout delicacy or any fish farm in mentioned places, it is worth going there and a must try.!!

Kharcha Pani-

Rs. 200/- for Fish Fry with Salad and Chutney



Mehman Nawazi-





If you like fishing, then plan your trip to Tirthan Valley, which is almost 55 kms away from Kullu. There you will get the real time trout fishing experience. It is again a magnificent beauty to explore which I missed in this trip, but next time I am sure gonna go there.

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Keep Travelling & Stay Foodie..!!

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