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18 July, 2015

Relishing The Fat Plate

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In my whole trip, almost every day I came across this cafe while to and fro from my resort and Manali, as I was staying in Dhamsu Village, Naggar road. The location and ambience was so attractive that I couldn’t resist this place and the name also ‘Fat Plate Cafe’. A rich experience of Indian, Italian and Continental dining in Manali is right here. This is their 3rd Year and it has rated as one of the best restaurants in Manali owned my Mr. & Mrs. Gurung and their son Anubhav, who is also the Chef-In- Charge, trained from IHM, Aurangabad.

It was drizzling and their ambience was just icing on the cake. The chef and the staff are well trained and at the same time very polite and humble, in fact the whole family is involved in the operation and management. Lets have some glimpse of this amazing and mesmerizing cafe, then we will talk about the food they serve.

Just like the pictursque view, the food was equally a feast for my taste buds. The menu has so much to order here, which you would like to try over and over again. May it be Indian or International, they try to retain the authenticity of the cuisine and at the same time, flavors give you a great chatkara. In appetizers, just fresh like the flowers in their garden, they serve garden fresh Salad with french vinaigrette, Ceaser Salad, Caprese, Ceaser Salad, Mini Quiches and in Indian starters, they serve Paneer Kakori Kebabs, Masala Cheese Toasts, Baliram’s Shammi Kebabs, Panko fried fish finger, and Kali Mirch Ka Murg (which I ordered).


Kali Mirch ka Murg was just melting in the mouth, it was basically the Murg Malai tikka with a mildness of black pepper, you can feel the freshness of that crushed black peppercorns. It was very creamy, makhmali is the word for the tikka, properly marinated for sufficient time, not over-spiced, preserving the juicy flavor of chicken. I so relished it and wanted to order a plate again, but there was so much to try.

Then in the main course they offer you the full Continental, Italian, and Indian meal, both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian, whichever you are craving for. I like the way they have prepared their menu, simple and exquisite delicacies for the tourists from all over the world. From Pasta to Bacon wrapped chicken to Rarrha Mutton, they serve everything. They serve Mustard, Chili Trout also, the Himalayan Queen.


I ordered the Grilled Chicken in Barbeque Sauce. It could be the real treat for those who love continental. The grilled chicken breasts were rubbed in a home-made barbequed mix and was served with a smoked barbeque Sauce. The accompaniments were  potato wedges with the skin on, glazed carrots and beans tossed in butter. The meal was colorful, delicious and stuffing. The chicken soaked the smoky and earthy flavor of the sauce nicely, it was juicy and properly cooked from inside. There was a kick in the flavors, a balance of smokiness, sweetness and tanginess.


I also ordered Rarrha Mutton. It was accompanied with Laccha Parantha, Boondi Raita and Onion Salad. The whole mutton and parantha were looking fiery red hot and the raita gave the feeling of coldness. The boneless mutton was soft, and not chewy. It was easily blended with the Indian Spices.

My heart was not filled, but my stomach was totally stuffed till now. So there was no space for tasting the dessert. Next time wanna try their Bacon wrapped chicken with Plum Sauce and Chocolate Walnut Tart with Ice cream and Caramalized Chocolate. (Image Below is by Fat Plate Cafe)


Kharcha Pani-

Kali Mirch Ka Murgh- 295/-

Grilled Chicken in Barbeque Sauce- 325/-

Rarrha Mutton– 425/-

Happiness, Fresh Air, Mountain View- Free 😀


Kali Mirch Ka Murg– 5/5 (This I’ll Surely order again)

Grilled Chicken in Barbeque Sauce– 4.5/5

Rarrha Mutton– 4/5

Mehman Nawazi-




Do visit this cafe for a gourmet experience in Manali and If you have visited this cafe, then do share your experience. Read more about my Manali Journey exploring the Local Himachal Food and The Himalayan Trout Fish Farm also.

Keep Travelling and Stay Foodie..!!

Address : Shuru-Naggar RoadManali 175131India

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