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19 April, 2015

How To Keep Yourself Cool and Healthy in Summers

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Finally, summers are here, strange climate, it is or I should say intolerable and irritating. You could even indulge into a fight with your boss, partner or anybody X-( Very hot and humid afternoons only show you the dreams of a holiday in Switzerland, scuba diving, ice bath and for the people who are always busy with the work can only have ice-breaking sessions with their dreams. 🙁


Well wearing an I am COOL locket just like SRK in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is not going to help you in your real life, so I’ve some tips to stay cool and healthy in summers-

1. Drink, Drink and Drink!! – I mean to say, keep yourself hydrated!! Drink about 3-4 liters of water everyday. Keep your 1 liter of water bottle with you, which will help you to record your water intake. Along with water, drink fresh sugar cane juice, watermelon juice or mixed fruit juice or whatever you like. When I say about juice, it means fresh juice and not the tetra packed ones. It will keep you hydrated preventing you from sun strokes and excessive sweating. This kairi panna is worth of it. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, it leads to the dehydration. If you cannot manage to have a kitchen garden, you can plant mint leaves in a small pot, so you could get a fresh glass of mojito whenever you come tired from the office to cool yourself. I personally do not like to eat anything in summers, so I take liquid diet as much as I can. Banana Shake and Mango Shake help a lot commonly.


2. Concentrate on Fresh..!! – As I’ve mentioned in the first point that take fresh juice, this point also goes with fresh veggies and fruits also. Avoid eating stale cooked food  whether you are storing it in the refrigerator. It catches the bacteria, resulting in food poisoning and dehydration. Cook fresh and eat fresh. Include vegetables like cucumber and fruits like tomatoes, watermelon and melon in your salads which have higher water content. Add Curd in your daily menu. It can be in any form, Raita, Kadhi or Buttermilk. Avoid red meat and try to have light meals. You can opt for Fish, as it is a lighter source of protein. Have fruits and sorbet. They are better than ice creams. Specially take care of the elder ones and kids in the family, ensure they are hydrated and fine. Avoid street food and try some cooking at home, it’s fun. 🙂


3. Avoid Outdoor Activities..!! – If you have a marketing job, then nobody could help, just keep yourself hydrated, if using a bike, cover your face to avoid dry and hot winds and UV rays. Wear Hat or cap. Use sunscreen lotion. Tomatoes are the best option to remove the sun tan. Rub them on the affected area. You can also use cucumber or Aloe Vera Gel. Do not drink chilled water and cold squash just as you come from a sunny afternoon. Wait for a few minutes and then have it. Wear shades to protect your eyes from heating and itching, use damp cotton dipped in rosewater or cucumber to soothe your eyes.


4. Breath and stay close to nature..!! – Take deep and slow breaths, frequently, when your body temperature rises. Go for a walk in the evening in a park or near a lake. If you have a garden or plants, water them, they will also feel your presence and time you took from your busy schedule LOL..!! Indoor plants also help.


5. Wear Cool..!! – Try to wear cotton clothes and light colors. It will soothe your body plus many eyes around you..


6- Balance Hot and Cold..!! – This is the season in which the climate changes and fluctuates. At one point, you drink chilled water, eat ice creams and on the other hand, the climate suddenly changes with the drizzle of rain which causes viral and cold. Take out your food from the refrigerator at least 15 minutes before heating it up, so that it attains the room temperature. Never drink chilled water after travelling in a hot summer afternoon. Just maintain the temperature of your food intake, afterall it is your body.

Hot food

7- If all the above cannot help then SIT IN THE REFRIGERATOR or Start ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE Again– Joke 😛


Hope this will help you in summers. If you have more suggestions then leave comments.

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