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19 October, 2014


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Diwali is the festival of lights, but for foodies it is basically the festival of sweets and lots of mouth-watering dishes. Shrikhand is a mixture of natural color, sweetener, and a lil tangy flavor which you get from Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt is nothing but strained curd or hung curd. It is easily available in dairies with the name of ‘Chakka’ or you can prepare it at your home.  Although it is made by Gujaratis and Marathis on the occasion of Janmashtmi but anyways it could be prepared by anybody very easily at any festive time.  Now with a very less time left and people being stuck with lots of Diwali preparations and stuff, this is a painless sweetdish almost loved by all.



For Greek Yogurt 

Plain Curd- 1 kilo

1 Fine, thin muslin cloth (Malmal cloth)

Process – Hung the curd in cotton cloth for 2-3 hrs till all water or whey is strained out. If you are using full, creamy curd, then for 1 kilo curd you will get  1/2 kilo or little more of Greek yogurt, but if you are using fat free curd, then slightly less than 1/2 kilo could be extracted. The proportion is basically of 2:1.

For Shrikhand:

1. Greek Yogurt extracted from the above process

2. Saffron Strands (Kesar) – 1 Teaspoon

3. Powdered Sugar – 1/2 cup (Those who are suffering from diabetes, substitute sugar with artificial sweetener or use less sugar)


4. Almonds finely chopped

5. Cardamom Powder – 1 Teaspoon

6. Milk – 3/4th cup

The Tasty Ride:

1. Take 1/4th cup of milk and soak the saffron strands in it.

2. Take a bowl, add hung curd, whisk it a little.

3. Add powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and soaked saffron. 

Saffron gives Shrikhand a rich aroma and a natural cream-ish color plus a sweet flavor.

4. Whisk the mixture, add the remaining milk if it is too thick and whisk again till you get a good creamy texture.

Add Almonds and raisins (optional).

Add more sugar if needed and refrigerate.

That’s it, you are done with your Shrikhand and I am sure your guest will love it on the day of Diwali. This is the authentic recipe of Shrikhand, for a twist you can add flavors to it like mango pulp, pineapple crush, strawberry pulp and make it a little fruity. Try it and share your experiments here. 🙂

And yes, Happy Diwali 🙂

Factual Ride-

The origin of Shrikhand is unknown historically, but it is said that western India first made it popular. The research says that the herdsmen use to hang the curd or yogurt overnight to make it carry easily while travelling. Then it was mixed with sugar and nuts and make it more pleasant and tasty to be cherished in long journeys. In Maharashtra, people love to take it with hot pooris, some enjoy it in breakfast, and when fresh fruits are mixed, it is known as Matho.

Greek Yogurt- If we talk about the nutritional value, it is probiotic in nature which makes your gut healthy, improves your digestion, and an aid for those having irritable bowel syndrome, and intestinal diseases such as ulcers, dairreah. It helps to control your blood pressure. You can have it in your breakfast by mixing some fruits in it. It helps you in weight management and keeps you fit than traditional yogurt and any other dairy product. It is rich in protein and keeps you stuffed up for long. It is a great source of calcium too. You can substitute it with cheese, cream and can give it to your kids because of its creamy and thick consistency. 

You can prepare dip out of it and apply it on sandwiches or you can have it as a dessert like Shrikhand and even cake n triffles.

Almonds- Do your grandmom or mum still soak almonds overnight and give it to you in the morning? Oh Nostalgia…!!! In India, we use almonds in almost every traditional dessert we prepare, let it be kheer or halwa, or even boiled with milk in winters. It has many health benefits associated. It lowers bad cholesterol, and reduce heart attack risk. Just a handful of almonds daily contains one-eighth of our daily protein intake. It is good for your brain, usually it is given to growing children daily as it helps in the development of the brain. It has phosphorus, which strengthen the teeth and bones.

It is also beneficial for your skin and hair, almond oil massage is recommended for new born babies. It also helps in prevention of colon cancer as it is rich in fiber. All in all, almonds pack a healthy, powerful punch. So have at least a handful of almonds daily. 🙂

 Now forget the calorie count and enjoy your dessert. 😉 Who cares..!!







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