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25 September, 2015

Fruity Choco Modak – A twist given to regular Mawa Modaks

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This Ganesh Utsav, I am daily preparing bhog for my Ganeha instead of buying it from any sweet shop, with his blessings of course as I promised him last year for this! May he keep blessing me like this to serve him till the day I am alive. 🙂 Till now I’ve prepared Besan Modak, Besan Laddo, Kaju Paan Modak, Malai Bhog, Aata Laddoo, Fruity Choco Modak, Boondi Laddoo, sheera, etc etc., and I am so so soooo happy that they all turned out really good! If you follow me on Social Media, you will get all the instant glimpse.

So, Fruity Choco Modak, sounds Weird! Ain’t?

Fruit Choco Modaks

But what to do..I was not getting any name for what I tried to prepare, anyway it was yummy and a real treat for my Gannu Ji! 😛 😛 Not boasting about it but just sharing the journey of my thoughts to the final plate. This time I gave a twist to the common Mawa Modaks. Preparing these fruity choco modak was quite a tricky task because I haven’t made Mawa modaks before, but as you learn from your experiences, I will share where I went wrong and where you have to keep certain things in mind to get the perfect modaks. The important part is to buy good Mawa/Khoya. Read my tips to buy good Mawa here.

Just read the recipe carefully and follow the easy steps.

Yields- Around 15 Modaks


Mawa/Khoya- 250 grams

Powdered Sugar- 1 tablespoon less in 1/2 Cup

Condensed Milk- 1 teaspoon

Mixed Fruits or Fruit Cocktail- 1/4th Cup, finely chopped (I’ve used the canned fruits, which is commonly available with the name fruit cocktail, you can buy Del Monte fiesta.)

Chocolate Chips- for garnishing

Drinking Chocolate powder- for sprinkling on Modaks


Making Mawa Mixture-


1. Mash the Mawa properly with your palm.

2. Take a heavy bottom or nonstick pan. Add mawa, powdered sugar and Condensed Milk. Put it on a slow flame.

3. Keep stirring it, gradually mawa will start melting and then it will start thickening and leaving the sides.

4.  When mawa mixture becomes thick and leaves some fat then switch off the flame and let it cool down. With the term cool down I literally mean cool down to the point when mawa is tight enough to shape the modaks. Once the mixture comes to the room temperature, refrigerate it for minimum 45 minutes. This is what happened with me, that’s why my modaks are looking somehow shapeless!

 Making Modaks-


1. Finely chop the fruits. I’ve used the fruit cocktail as the fruits are processed in the sugar syrup. Rinse them properly or else they will be quite sticky. If you are planning to use the fresh fruits like apple, pineapple, first you have to process them in sugar syrup otherwise they will taste bitter.

2. Make the flat ball of mawa mixture, stuff some fruits and seal it up.

3. Stuff the mixture in Modak mould and take out the modak.

4. Stick some chocolate chips and sprinkle some drinking chocolate on the modaks.

Refrigerate until you serve it as a bhog or prasad or naivedyam to Lord Ganesha!  

The thing which is important is to make the prasad with love and with a pure heart! May Ganesha always bless you 🙂


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