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Hi Friends!!!!

Cooking – A feeling of joy, passion, perfection, taste, fun, job, first love … It can be anything for anybody but for me its my dream, my passion, my love, in nutshell my everything.
Here comes another food lover and who loves to cook, that’s me 🙂
Finally I discovered that I can cook quality food and cooking really makes me feel happy and fresh no matter how tired I am. I love cooking and m very passionate about it. Somehow its genetic because my mom and dad both are great cook, so thanx to them for giving me this wonderful attribute.  Its the cooking only which inspires me to cook more, to learn more about it. When I cook something and get good response from people who really take risk to eat that, gives me a feeling which I really cannot describe in words and which motivates me to learn about cooking and food more, more and more….
Here on my blog I’ll post some good recipes and I will give you some cooking tips along with that. So be ready to make your kitchen a gourmet. All your suggestions, recipes and experiences with cooking and food are welcome..So lets learn and teach ourselves HOW TO COOK without any culinary academy, cooking classes and fancy kitchens..If I can cook anybody can cook..Just mix all your love, passion creativity, fun which will make cooking truly what its supposed to be in “The Tasty Room”…!!!!
Enjoy and Keep Cooking…!!! 🙂
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